Context of the project

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The high unemployment rate that characterizes the geographical area of the partnerships involved in the project (about 48% of young people in working age) and the presence in the p.s. of a prison with 200 prisoners, we have thought of intervening to create suitable conditions for the access to the labour market and at the same time to remove the discriminations suffered by weak people on the labour market. At present prisoners at the end of their detention have always experienced the impossibility of being accepted on the market owing to both their poor professional skills and the reserves met on the labour market. The unemployed meet difficulties in being regularly hired and are sweated through moonlighting, and justification for this has often been found in the lack of skills and quality in working activities.
For these disadvantaged people the P.S. could represent the potential channel to overcome social indifference, as the project aims at creating several specializations capable of elevating individuals qualities and at the same time meeting the urgent requirements of a demanding labour market.